License Overview

https://www.pixibes.com/   All products come with an extended commercial license which means that you are allowed to use our products to promote a business, product, or any other service in exchange of money or other consideration.



 Individual or Company

 Commercial Use


 End Products for Sale


 Broadcast Use

 Commercial: unlimited lifetime viewers

 Social Media Use

 Multiple commercial accounts

 Mobile, Desktop or Web App Use

  Once title downloaded can be sold up to 250,000 times

 Physical Paid Ads

 Unlimited ads for local, national, and global markets

 Digital Paid Ads


 Platform Use

 Unlimited sales


Unlimited printed item.


Acceptable uses:

  • Unlimited users acting on different projects for private or commercial use within one organization or household.
    Infinite users are ready to create customizable physical or digital items using products downloaded/purchased from us on any print-on-demand service.
    • Use of products directly in music videos, TV episodes, films or other broadcast productions with unlimited views.
    • Use of products in unlimited t-shirt, mugs, sublimation items, eBooks/printed book titles, unlimited sales.

Non-acceptable uses:

  • Distributing the first files downloaded/purchased from us in any manner, including selling, at no cost freely for free, or as a part of a package of products.
  • Selling or transferring the license to a different company
  • Allowing users in and outside company to use our downloaded/purchased products

Terms of Use on POD sites:

  • Can’t claim copyright if you see pixibes design on other POD platforms or personal websites that are selling printable items. If you wish to use these designs in a unique way from others, you’ll edit them as our designs are editable.
  • We sell a customizable design template which implies you’re ready to edit text, colours, shapes, fonts, and a few other kinds of stuff as specified by your needs. We always recommend you do some basic editing in these designs before uploading them on the POD site.
  • We don’t have any objection to using these designs same because it is. Moreover, we don’t seem to be liable for anything unpleasant. Since we provide editable files with step-by-step editing instructions and provide 100% free fonts which are allowed for commercial use.


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