Factors To Consider Before Designing The T-shirt

Creating a t-shirt is not a tough job. It depends on what resources are available to you, why you need to make it, and most importantly why you need to design the t-shirt. You will find a variety of t-shirt designs around you but it is important to find the most suitable for your design. We purchase different clothes for different occasions; the same applies to t-shirts also. While making t-shirts make sure the design you choose should be for a specific t-shirt design and nowadays t-shirts are worn for events also.

Make sure you make designs that make one comfortable in different places

1) Purpose of the T-shirts

Before creating or making anything we have the purpose of designing it. Exactly like this before deciding to design t-shirts we should have a purpose as to why we need to design the t-shirt. Is it for personal or professional use? Customize the look and feel of t-shirts according to their purpose and use. Different designs are used for different occasions or events so the purpose of t-shirt design is very important. Make sure you put in a little bit more work when it comes to mass production as many people will wear it.

2) Know your budget

Money makes dreams come true! For anything to be made we need enough money to create it. Make sure you have enough money to fulfill your requirements. Depending on the capital you have to design the t-shirt accordingly.

The T-shirt business is not a low economy business. You need to have enough capital to buy the plain t-shirt, ink, printer, and its maintenance and operational costs. Budget is the key thing for this business.

3) Know your printing options
It is very important to evaluate the printing options which are available. Are you going with screen printing or vinyl printing methods? It is very important to know this as it will help you decide which t-shirt to make and which you don’t. We can make some compromises in a t-shirt for personal use, but if it comes for commercial use, our designs should look amazing.

4) Brainstorm your design

You should have a room filled with ideas that you will be used in designing your t-shirts.

Try to convert it into a collection that can then be used as designs by you.
You should have a great command of designs. Be so good that you can even prepare one when the client arrives and he needs a certain design. Try to find out and join the communities of the designers and know the trending designs which are working for them. Teamwork is great to work with! It is better to work together to make the business successful. Imagination is a key tool for print-on-demand business. Imagine the people wearing your t-shirt and start drawing.

5) Know the t-shirt type

There are many different types of t-shirts that vary in style, imagery, typography, color, and material. Browse different designs on different websites. Know your color well! Have a good knowledge of color as while printing them on the plain t-shirt make sure your design looks on the color of the t-shirt chosen by you.

6) Evaluate the design

It is always important to recheck! In the design, the most important part is the evaluation of designs. At level zero start low and gradually you will reach the professional level.

While evaluating the designs you may come with new ideas which can be implemented. Always be ahead with fresh new ideas. Make sure your designs are unique and you stand out differently from the crowd.

7) Find a great printer

Printing means we will need a printer. There are many printers available but finding the best printer is important. In order to have high-quality designs we need to have a great printer so do some research.

Make sure you have a unique design for your t-shirt which gets printed on the best printer as a result you develop a high-quality t-shirt. Make sure the designs are not outdated and are updated accordingly.

Pixibes have unique high-quality resolution designs which make sure looks stunning while printed on the t-shirt.